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"I believe that everyone should live their life the way they want to!"

My Story

 I was given 5 years to live at the age of 45.


There was no further help from the medical profession when I was told my organs would fail with the amount of medication taken and I was at the highest risk of stroke.  Family and friends had no further hope for better health as they accepted my diagnosis.  This was devasting and left me crying for days as my life was over and went into victim mode.  Living the past 8 years in chronic pain in an almost comatose state I had felt my life had already been put on pause.


I had a choice, the easier decision of just giving up surrendering to the illness where I could just give up totally and give in to the pain totally by wasting away for the next couple of years going through organs failure and heart and stroke issues.  I felt alone, empty, helpless and totally drained crying out for help where there was no one left to cry out to. 


I chose a much more difficult decision to fight without knowing how it was even possible as I had tried everything but concluded I hadn’t danced my last dance.   I had a 13-year-old daughter at home and she was my carer.  She had seen the last 8 years of my life waste away.  It was time to put that right and start to live my life again.


There were only two things I could think to do, one was bringing in more positivity through inspiration and motivational videos, courses online and mindful meditation, these helped build the brainpower back up as the neurological issues had affected my mind severely with little to no concentration.  The second was taking one more step every time I stood up.  Being in a wheelchair for over 7 years made this a tough decision but I had run out of any other possibility regardless of the pain and if my legs actually moved on their own.  This took over a year to be able to walk short distances furniture and wall walking. 


By May 2019 I changed my diet toward veganism and was going deeper into meditation which gave me an understanding of becoming pain-free.

Within a month the magic really began. I came off all medication literally overnight and my body started to move much freer for the first time in 10 years. 

By August I was no longer using the wheelchair which was so very liberating to be standing outside, I felt so tall, and being able to reach things on the supermarket shelves was such a joy and being able to walk a mile 3 times a week was amazing. 

October 13th was the day I started attending the gym 4 times a week to build my strength and stamina, I never thought I would step foot in a gym again and I couldn’t stop grinning. 

November I gave up the crutches as I no longer needed them to balance and by the end of December saw me attending the gym 7 days a week. 

December was magical due to being able to enjoy Christmas with my family pain-free. 

My friends and family have called it a miracle as they had seen me suffer for too many years and now they see a much better healthier lucid version of me after such a short period of time.


This brings me to today where I can now offer you the opportunity to transform your life into the dreams that you know and feel you should be fulfilling.

"This is one of my superpowers:

 I see the potential in everyone."


Find out how I can support you.

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