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Boost your immune system -

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Proven technique (see case study) that increases your body's defensive system. By Marc Wynn.

I was Marc''s case study. Here is the video interview.

Everything in all my courses is based on proven techniques that I personally know work. This is true for this course too.

The techniques in this course were used by an absolute wonder woman called Dee Shepherd or Super Dee as I call her, who used them to totally transform her life.

There is a video interview and you will see how she spent 8 years in a wheel chair with multiple health problems, on 60 pills a day and was given only a few years to live. Her weight also doubled to 19 stone !!!

She used these techniques and is NOW she is 100% healthy, no health problems, has lost 9 stone in weight and goes to the gym 7 days a week !!!!!  THAT IS WHY SHE IS CALLED SUPER DEE.

All my courses are easy to follow with short to the point videos that give you immediate knowledge with NO WAFFLE.

In this course I provide 3 powerful exercises :


I will show how to use the breathe to bring energy into the body. This is like putting a limited amount of fuel into a car, so it can run for miles and miles and miles. You will need this energy to boost the body's natural battery system to boost the immune system.


Now that you have more energy, I will explain how to use that energy to boost the immune system with this exercise. This exercise will allow you to feel the energy in your body and the sensations you will feel will be great.


I explain how the energy can now be multiplied and used to make the body stronger and healthier. Again you will feel amazing sensations in your body, so you know that it is working.

There are also some further amazing things you will learn in this course including :

  • how to boost your immune system

  • why people get sick

  • why you feel pain in specific parts of the body

  • the gift you received when you were born of CHOICE

  • the gift you received when you were born of CONTROL

HERE IS MY FAVOURITE THING - you will feel, like REALLY FEEL sensations in your BODY when you are DOING THE EXERCISES

This is a powerful course with powerful techniques that will make a major difference to your immune system and therefore your health. Enjoy.

'Stay excited.'

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