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Healed From Within

I have been given both the pleasure and great honour to host a Masterclass at the Healed from Within Summit September 2020 with 7 other beautiful inspiring souls.

It is something I thought would have taken a long time to be invited to such an event and I am grateful to both Angelica Weaver and Barbara Rubio for thinking of me and accepting me, thank you to you both.

The lineup for the event is

Barbara Rubio

Relationship & Identity Coach

Masterclass : My Life Vote To Relationships

Dee Shepherd

Transformational Coach

Masterclass : Freeing Yourself of Your Inner Critic

Keri Dunlap

Leader & Spiritual Teacher

Masterclass : Creating Grace Our Bodies

Angelica Weaver

Strategic Intervention Coach

Masterclass : Healed Through Purpose - Burning Down Burnout

Lindsay Meanse

Mindset Coach

Masterclass : Be The Boss Of Your Thoughts & Embrace Your Inner Power

Karen Messina McDonnell

Survivors Of Abuse Coach

Masterclass : Healing Emotional Trauma Can Heal Your Body and Soul

Jennifer Donovan

Psychic Money & Success Coach

Masterclass : Healing Your Money Blocks

Karen Schaal

Positive Psychologist

Masterclass : Create Your Reality/Create Your Life

Register Here for the free event and replays....

It us an honour and Privaledge to serve you.

Love and blessings


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