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  • Dee Shepherd

I do not appreciate gratitude

Why I hear you gasp, "We all thought you were full of gratitude" I hear your question in disbelief. How can Dee be running a gratititude course and talking about gratitude when she doesn't appreciate gratitude.

It is the difference between appreciation and gratitude in which the answer lies.

Appreciation is towards material things, those material things that make your life that little bit more of something. For example I appreciate the car I get to drive. 💡 "Aha" I here you say, "well what is gratitude".

Gratitude is being thankful for the more intrinsic things like how something makes you feel. Having that car gives me so much more. It allows me to drive to beautiful places, to visit friends and family and to drive to the bottom of a mountain to walk to the top. These things I cannot buy as it saves me so much time and gives me the freedom to do them.

When I write my gratitude's in the morning, I not only write what they are but describe how they make me feel and the other benefits they give me that I am thankful for, hence the massive difference between appreciation and gratitude.

Therefore my post title is correct I do not appreciate gratitude. I am so very very thankful to be grateful for everything I am blessed with in life.

Love and blessings


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