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A basic emotion which causes severe disruption physically and mentally.

As you know I have been setting up my business to help others transform their lives similar to the way I had. There have been many wins along my very short journey of healing to building it into a business. I have found many tools in which I learnt previously in life like positivity, gratitude, intuition and coaching skills.

Overwhelm comes from anxiety of too much where you get lost within your own head, I am sure you understand my description.

I have felt overwhelm a few times within the short time I have set up my business.

Recovering from a neurological Disorder has made it extremely difficult where tech is concerned, I even made-up a hashtag to represent my feelings #feckthetech I have learned so many different applications over the past months from scratch, even Facebook as I could barely remember how to post and it likes to change its layout out of the blue just to set in the confusion .

Tech has been a major headache over the past months and my laptop even felt the overwhelm and gave up where I had to buy a new one.

To get over the overwhelm I spoke to people who could help me and thank goodness I did if not I might just have closed the lid on the business just like I had to for the last time on my old laptop.

With great thanks to some great trusted partnerships with Konstantina Bellou, Bryan Tarr and Carmen Klammer, without you I would be struggling on and the overwhelm may have stopped the business before it even got started.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by anything it is time to reach out, seriously it is not worth the headache, the anxiety and all the health issues that come within that package.

Love and blessings


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