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The Powertalk Show

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

This is the first interview I had with Marc Wynn on "Power Talk Show" in January 2020. The interview was amazing and fun, I was so excited to get my story out there that I forgot the nerves of being filmed even though it was live. Marc, Adelyn and Vatican made it easy and I felt comfortable sitting on the couch speaking with them.

Nerves were always a killer for me when I had to speak in front of people and I usually liked to have notes. But this time it was different I lived through the illness and have a passion to help others combat whatever it is that holds them back in life, let's face it we all have something whether it is rejection, saying No to others or even Impostor Syndrome. It all comes down to your own self and how you perceive you and that stuff is scary and not easy to disperse off, I know I had some major hangups in life which took me to a place that did for a decade end my life and gave me 8 years in a wheelchair with no hope on recovery.

I am so grateful for going through illness and been given a handful of years to live as it gave me the kick up the bahookey I needed to get my life back in my control, even though the medical profession could not help me any longer except to give me pills and see me when necessary. I decided not to accept the threat of my life ending as I was only 45 at the time and truly I hadn't danced my last dance.

Watch the video to get a greater understanding of what my life was like and if you have any questions after you watch send me a message and I will happily chat and answer any questions. The video is half an hour long but worth watching.

Love and blessings


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