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What would it feel like to have the confidence to say No guilt-free?

How to say NO Guilt-Free 

Being able to be able to say NO Guilt-Free and have the confidence to do so without explanation, takes the frustration and that fed-up feeling of coming last in a long line of people out of your day, freeing up more of your precious time and energy for you.


My Saying No Guilt-Free One2One Programme empowers you now to make realistic, effective changes that bring you the solutions. 


The programme provides an individual experience through the transformative power of coaching, accountability and support given. 


If you are ready to leave behind the frustrations of giving in and the shame of self-sabotage to become someone who effortlessly and compassionately says No, click the button below to get started. 

hello there


I ‘m Dee. 


I spent a lifetime not being able to say NO Guilt-Free and becoming more frustrated with other people ruling my life before I found the solution that works FOREVER. 


I can say NO without having to give an explanation and feel totally guilt-free in doing so. 


Now I help other women like me, find their own ‘Guilt-Free No’ living their life the way they want to live it.  


Change is possible and you can do it. 


I can help you. 


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